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We build most of our business solutions in a mature cross-platform development platform called FileMaker. From a single code base, we can deploy solutions on Windows, MacOS, iOS and the web. 

From it’s meager roots over 30 years ago, FileMaker has grown into a robust enterprise development platform with unparalleled integration, ease of use, and rapid development capabilities. 

The following are just a few of the code snippets that are reusable, modular components we apply to products we develop, as appropriate. 

Full custom systems are currently NOT shown on this page. 


A simple popup numeric data entry keypad, sized for touch screen entry. We’ve used this in shop floor and time clock applications. It is very simple code, which is a hallmark of much of what we try to do - keep it simple. 

Login Account Management

Modular code that can be quickly integrated into existing applications, allowing client supervisory level permission users to add, suspend, delete and change users, and  privilege set alignment, with no locally persistent data to expose a security gap. 

Action Track

Long time in coming, a stand-alone issue tracking system that the client has direct access to. It integrates via passing JSON from the client application, and is used to status and track issue resolution, as well as feature requests. 


Yes, there are a number of these on the open market for FileMaker. Reviewing them, 1) they were way to complicated for our needs and 2) we wanted something that started from a selected date, as you typically don’t schedule things in the past, only the future. As such, showing a full month was not important, but showing a month in the future, was.

This code makes use of dynamic button bar segment labels, defined on selection, with the click of a button, passing that selected date. All done with globals, it takes just minutes to integrate. 

Recurring Scheduling

The complexities of this were far greater than anticipated when we started writing it; it all looked so simple. But after much work, we have a very nice, modular scheduling tool built, completely using globals, that can be quickly integrated into any solution where you need to schedule recurring actions. 

Commercial Offerings

Custom software for almost any business need

  • Advertising Firm Client/Campaign Management
  • Custom Job Shop ERP
  • Non-sequential Project Task Management
  • Training Materials Management
  • Service Delivery Management
  • Inspection Systems
  • FDA compliant food lab test results database
  • Vendor management
  • NOMs (National Outcome Measures) Schedule Management
  • Many more………