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Solutions Designed to Make a Difference

Here are some example areas where we have provided groundbreaking, innovative solutions to business that have improved their bottom line and functional capabilities, enhancing competitive advantage and market differentiation. 

If you are doing things on paper, or managing data with basic office software, we can make your world better. 

Service Delivery Management

Beyond Fleet Management - End to End Processing 

Everything you need to manage your business, from Order Management to Customer Care to our comprehensive Billing component PLUS the mobile field tools for real time interaction. All of this adds up to success for your business.

Advanced Route Planning

Optimized Route Plans and comprehensive GPS Tracking of your drivers are just two of the key features of this software.

Workflow Management Software

Task / Project / Workflow Management

A range of scheduling applications from predictive actions, to IDEF0 process / workflow modeling, to Eisenhower-method task planning, to job-shop discrete activity planning, have been created, with custom development available for whatever your activity planning needs are.

Document Tracking Software

Organize & Track 

Solve all your document tracking issues and monitor progress for your clients with ease.

Get Notified 

Alerts are built into the system as ticklers or reminders of overdue or upcoming tasks and activities.

Customer Contact Management Software

Automate Your Customer Information

Maintain all of your customer information in one place, including documents such as contracts and agreements. 

Contact Tracking 

Solve customer issues and inquiries faster with our easy-to-use software. Track all of your calls, notes and followups in one place.

Mobile Truck Inspection (2nd qtr 2019)

NTSB Truck Inspection 

Commercial trucks require inspections on regular intervals - in many cases, before every day’s use. Mobile automation gets your trucks out on the road faster, and with less effort. 

Get Notified 

Alerts are built into the system for approval and follow up actions to keep your fleet running