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Commercial Custom Software Screen Shots

We build most of our business solutions in a mature cross-platform development platform called FileMaker. From a single code base, we can deploy solutions on Windows, MacOS, iOS and the web. 

From it’s meager roots over 30 years ago, FileMaker has grown into a robust enterprise development platform with unparalleled integration, ease of use, and rapid development capabilities. 

The following are just a few of the code snippets that are reusable, modular components we apply to products we develop, as appropriate. 

The custom systems are shown on this page, are just a snippet of the applications we’ve delivered over the years. 

IBO Manager

A unique business where they set up and run advertising campaigns, each as its’ own LLC. The management of a large amount of documentation is supported online, along with tracking tasks relative to the operational management of the client interactions.  This custom app replaced 3 Excel spreadsheets, reduced their paper handling requirements by 90%, and increased their capacity to manage clients. 


A custom application for the service delivery market, comprised of customer management, order taking, complex service delivery scheduling, call center, inventory management, fleet optimization, equipment management, field order changes and invoicing, plus generation of accounts receivables. 

NOMs Scheduler™

The Federal Government has a metrics program that spans a number of government initiatives, call National Outcome Measures. This Federal system requires the input of information from grantees, but provides nothing in the way of managing the unique attributes of getting participation in the program of the target demographic. This program supports a unique non-sequential project and program management perspective, resulting in retention rates and many times the average of organizations that attempt this without the support of NOMs Scheduler@. 

Fatherhood Connections

Government funded grant based programs assist fathers behind on their child support  payments with job training, and placement assistance. This program supports this activity by tracking each father’s status on their employment, job search, training program attendance, and child support payments, as well as supporting court reporting of father conformance to court ordered guidelines. 

Free Tools

Custom software for almost any business need

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  • Many more………